Women in White 

A group work for three women choreographed by Kara Nolte

Interpreted by: Quinn Kliewer, Janelle Schiffner, Hannah Toews (2016) and Jessica Ames, Marcelle Carvalho, Julia Siedlanowska (2015)

Researched at: Mascall Dance’s Bloom Choreographic Series (entitled 3) Vancouver BC May-June 2015

Premiered at: Ignite Emerging Artist Festival Dance Series (entitled Women in White) Calgary AB June 2016

Upcoming development at: Theatre Junction’s TJ Lab Artist Residency in January 2017

Women in White explores a world of play, compliant routine and mischievous rebellion through text, song and movement. Three performers teeter between one another creating a disjointed rhythm of voice and body. Chairs and sisterhood to Mass in B Minor.

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