Site-Specific Performance

In my last year of my undergrad I had a module in which we performed in and studied site-specific performance. I played Lady Macbeth and various other characters (including a frail and smiling old father of the bride, Baptista, in Taming of the Shrew). We performed in Carmarthen Castle, which has been standing since roughly the 11th century in one form or another. In a haunted dungeon cell I tried to wash invisible blood from my hands as an audience crammed in around me. The experience of rehearsing in the cell and visiting after dark was haunting, to say the least, and helped to colour the monologue to some extent.

Our venue for Shakespeare Unchained is no less magical (although lacking in the same kind of musky history.) The back garden of a Port Moody heritage home will house our first performances on June 14 (3pm) and 15 (7pm.) With nooks and crannies, mirrors, poppies and willow trees, our performers (and audiences) will have to adjust their relationship to the performance and to the space. Now housing Originals Cafe, the 2231 Clarke St. house in Port Moody apparently used to serve as a vintage clothing store, and before then, of course, a home. Now it will house the many characters that we are pleased to present you- interpreted straight from the Bard’s brain.

In an exploration of our relationship to space, we were asked in our module to answer the question “What does it mean to map a site?” Click and  you will see some of my ideas. Soon we will be moving our rehearsals into our venue to see how it will change and affect the choreography we have. It will probably affect it a whole lot!!!


Julia Siedlanowska


What is our relationship to space? Photo: Ian Greenwell Photography

What is our relationship to space?
Photo: Ian Greenwell Photography





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