So much love for Shakespeare Unchained right now!

Here is a little recording of one of our performers, the beautiful Delphine Leroux, reading her monologue in her native tongue. We were struck by the beauty of the language, as well as the words that stuck out from French to English. As we explored Juliet’s monologue, “Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again,” we drilled into the climate and atmosphere of the words. This you will see in our performance.

Have a listen to a simple first read through:

Our Indiegogo campaign finished this week with huge success. We were all blown away by the support from so many wonderful friends, family, and patrons. Our goals were greatly exceeded. This being mine and Kara’s first time navigating a crown funding campaign, this was a huge joy for us.

During the campaign we offered several perks including a customized painting, a personal dance or acting class with either Kara or Julia, as well as a one of a kind necklace from Neverlost Jewelry, a VIP viewing of our last rehearsal, and many more!

We would like to once again thank our many generous and wonderful donors. We will work even harder now to bring Shakespeare’s most iconic characters to life, to stun you, bring you fresh views and perspectives. Give you one helluva crazy experience.

Thank you.

Delphine Leroux, Juliet Photo by Yvonne Chew

Delphine Leroux, Juliet
Photo by Yvonne Chew


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